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The project called "Vivi Evento. Build up your own Event experience" is funded by the GAL Flaminia Cesano - Implementation of the Leader Axis 4 - Measure 4.1.3. "Local development strategy - Quality of life and diversification" - Undermeasure - "Encouragement of tourism activities (type of intervention c) development of tourist services" and is sponsored by the towns of Corinaldo (lead agency), Mondavio and Pergola (partner organizations).

The project affects “Marche’s heart”: the territory, is between Ancona and Pesaro-Urbino provinces, between the high and the low Cesano valley and it is passed through by Cesano river.
The project has the ambition to work about the development of the experiential product connecting it to authentically “live again” Corinaldo, Mondavio and Pergola hamlets in a systemic logic which can interact with the entrepreneurial activities and with the public administration. Everything in order to legitimate the tourism as the “true” driving force of economic development of this hamlets.

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